4 Steps To Fabulous Bridesmaid Gifts

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with bridesmaid gift options.  After all, there are SO many choices and let’s face it, there’s the expectation factor to consider too.  You want to delight your girls and recognize their individuality and all they mean to you.  And then there is the budget to consider because bridesmaid gifts are another one of those wedding expenses that add up FAST!  We’ve developed a no-fail system of 4 simple steps to creating fabulous bridesmaid gifts:

1. Everything goes into a gift container

Use a beautifully wrapped gift box, a personalized duffel bag or tote to hold each bridesmaids gift.  This will unify all your gifts and give them a sense of cohesiveness.  We like to tie your wedding colors to the container.  If your wedding colors are navy and light blue, use a monogram duffel bag with color coordinated trim.  Bonus with the monogram, it will help you identify who gets each gift and help clutter-control as you and your girls get ready on wedding day. Brilliant!



2. A wedding day wearable

We call this the gift that gives back.  Your bridesmaid team will wear it while getting ready on the big day and you will create memorable photo op’s that you’ll cherish forever.  

If you are going to the salon, think personalized button down boyfriend shirts with leggings or shorts.  Nothing to pull over your head and mess up your perfectly coiffed wedding day do.  A second bonus here, you get to use your new married initials for the first time ♥.  How perfect is that!


3. Experiential Gift  

Here’s where you can really knock it out of the ballpark! Gift each girl something that relates to her personal interests.  

For the girly bridesmaid: a spa gift card

For the outdoorsy bridesmaid: an afternoon of rock climbing

For the sporty bridesmaid: a round of golf

You can see where we’re going here!  If your budget allows for two gifts, get one for yourself too and enjoy a fun day with your besties when you return from your honeymoon.


4. Stocking Stuffers

These are the icing on the cake and will help you hit the bridesmaid gifting jackpot!  Grab lots of small items that can be presented in your gift container like a bottle of nail polish that perfectly matches her bridesmaid dress, an iTunes gift card, her favorite sweet treat, a delicately fragranced candle or a posh pampering product.  Don’t forget to wrap everything up beautifully because you get extra points for presentation!

Nail polish with bridesmaid.jpg


As a general rule, it’s best to start thinking about your bridesmaid gifts about 8-10 weeks before your wedding.  This gives you plenty of time to order personalized gifts and won’t leave you scrambling at the very last minute.  Happy Gifting!